I am Jugal Kishore, 23 years old, self-proclaimed Android Developer. I am proficient in C, C++, Bash, and currently learning Python, Java. Currently pursuing BCA from Dr. MPS College of Institutions Agra, open minded, passionate and a crazy guy. I love to learn new things and technology all the time with passion. My work for now basically is scattered between various languages, but all of it can be found on my GitHub profile. My latest résumé can be found here.

You can find me on Telegram as it is my primary social platform.

Being limited on internet, I use CI extensively to have my day-to-day things such as updating Docker Images, or pulling some latest Toolchains. I believe in automation so much so that I ended up making few of my reposotories fully automated.

Linux is my primary choice when it comes to Operating System, with Ubuntu being my primary Distro. Though, I have dualbooted my system along with Windows 10. About phones, I feel iOS is trash, no offense there. But being an open source lover, I love more Android more.